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NEXEN BRAKES: Ball Screw Brakes, Caliper Brakes, Drum Brakes, Flange Or Foot Mounted Air Engaged Brakes, Flange Or Foot Mounted Spring Engaged Brakes, Metric Shaft Mounted Brakes, Servo Motor Brake (Air Engaged), Servo Motor Brake (Spring Engaged Electric Release), Servo Motor Brake (Spring Engaged), Shaft Mounted Air Engaged Brakes, Shaft Mounted Spring Engaged Brakes, Stage Brakes

NEXEN CLUTCH BRAKES: Driven Shaft Mounted, Metric IEC Flange Mounted, NEMA Flange Mounted

NEXEN TENSION CONTROL BRAKES: Multi-Caliper Tension Control Brakes, Single Actuator Tension Control Brakes

NEXEN TENSION CONTROL CLUTCHES: Multi-Caliper Tension Control Clutches, Single Actuator Tension Control Clutches

NEXEN LINEAR DRIVE SYSTEM (RPS): Roller Pinion System RPS1 (For Current Users Only), Roller Pinion System RPS2 (For New Applications). The Roller Pinion System (RPS) provides zero backlash, very high positional accuracy, unlimited length, very high speeds, 99% efficiency, high rigidity, low noise, low maintenance, corrosion resistance, and long life.



NEXEN WEB AUXILLARY CONTROLS: Splice Detection, Web Guide Controllers, Web Guiding

NEXEN TORQUE LIMITERS (Mechanical): Elastomer Coupling With Two Keyless Clamp Collars, Metal Bellows Coupling With Two Keyless Clamp Collars, Metal Bellows Coupling With Two Keyless Taper Lock Bushings, Metal Bellows Press Fit Coupling With Two Keyless Clamp Collars, Pilot Mount With Keyless Taperlock Bushing, Pilot Mount With Straight Bore And Keyway

NEXEN TORQUE LIMITERS (Air Engaged): Enclosed Collar Mount Torque Limiters, Enclosed Metric Torque Limiters, Enclosed Torque Limiters, IEC C Face, NEMA C Face, Open Collar Mount Torque Limiters, Open Metric Torque Limiters, Open Torque Limiters

NEXEN TOOTH CLUTCHES: Inch and Metric Sizes

NEXEN TENSION SENSORS: Dancer Arm Position Sensor, Diameter Sensors, Load Cells

NEXEN TENSION CONTROLS: Dancer Controllers, Diameter Based Tension Controls (Medium Precision), Load Cell Based Tension Controls (High Precision), Load Cell Tension Meters, Signal Conditioners


NEXEN PROFILE GUIDE RAIL BRAKES: Electrically Engaged / Electrically Released, Spring Engaged / Air Released


NEXEN FRICTION CLUTCHES: Air Champ II Sealed Bearing Units, Air Champ Open Bearing Units, Dual And Quad Plate Clutches, Flange Or Foot Mounted IEC And NEMA Clutches, Metric Air Champ II, Sealed Bearing Units, Metric Air Champ Open Bearing Units, Multi-Disc Clutches

NEXEN CONTROLS: 3-Way Valves, 4-Way Valves, 5-Way Valves, Air Volume Booster, Control Kits, Filters, Flow Control Valves, Lubricator, Manual Caliper Zone Valves, Mufflers, Optional Control Valve Coils, Overlap Eliminators, Quick Exhaust/shuttles, Regulators, Restrictor Valves, Smart Valve



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